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What is the cause of obesity?

Overweight or obesity is not a good thing for health. In addition to making our body shape is not ideal, obesity can also interfere with the health of the body. Some people are overweight may be due to hereditary or genetic factors. Because every person is born must bring genetic factors, such as height and fat levels. But clearly the cause of obesity is closely related to our diet and metabolism.

In some body types contain substances of food that is not exhausted in the process of metabolism. The metabolic process itself will change the food eaten into simple elements to form the body’s cells. In skinny people for example, they have a fast metabolic process. Because the food consumed is easily processed so there is no hoarding. The opposite occurs in obese people.

Obesity is sometimes also based on the body’s tendency to store more food than it consumes. This means that his body metabolism process is slow. The slow metabolism process causes the food to be slow to process. Finally there was accumulation. This accumulation is the cause of obesity. Although obese people balance their food intake, as long as their metabolism is slow, there will be accumulation.

In addition to the slow metabolic process. Another cause of obesity is because of too much food. And this is precisely the main cause of obesity in many cases. In the scientific language they are too much to include elements of calories in foods that exceed the needs of the body. In the end the calories will be buried into fat.

The advantages of eating a person is due to several things. For example, it could be because it has an excessive stock of food compared to others. Or maybe, caused by psychological factors such as often sad and upset that encourage appetite. Not a few people who feel the relief or tranquility when chewing food.

In some cases, obesity can also be caused by illness. Usually occurs due to chaos in hormones in the body, namely the endocrine glands. Under such conditions, obesity is considered a symptom of a disease. When that happens, the treatment will be focused on healing against these hormonal disorders. Both through surgery and drug delivery