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The Ways to Overcome Natural Carbohydrate Addiction

Carbohydrate addiction is not a good thing apparently, because this is one of the factors that cause diabetes. Not just as a trigger for diabetes, foods that contain high carbohydrates can be a cause of other health problems because of the levels of salt, sugar and flour are very high in it. However, how to overcome carbohydrate addiction while almost all the people of Indonesia accustomed to eating rice?

Body Scanning
By doing this, we will be helped to know and understand what the needs and the mere desire of the body. Often we feel hungry eyes, hungry mouth, hungry nose to hungry stomach, this is what needs to be analyzed by ourselves.

Think seriously about whether the desire to consume a food is based on the body’s need factor or just because it wants just because the aroma is tasty, it looks attractive, or indeed because the mouth is wanting to eat. Remember that eating is an activity that aims to meet the nutritional needs and not for other things.

Setting Appropriate Eating Portions
Carbohydrate addiction can be overcome with a good diet, for example through the application of the pyramid of a healthy diet. As we know, the pyramid will guide us to eat only balanced nutritious foods, which means a portion of the food must contain at least protein, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and also fat.

Not then we should not be for snacking because it’s fine to enjoy a snack, as long as the snack is balanced nutrition as well. Not only the main course that needs balanced nutrition, but also the appetizers and desserts until the snack as well. Examples of healthy nutritious snack such as apple slices with almonds or a small bowl of oatmeal are given a little skim milk and fresh berries.

Eating Low Glycemic Indexed Foods
In order for carbohydrate addiction can be overcome, try also to consume all foods that low glycemic index so as not to make glucose levels in the blood increased. Potatoes, pineapples, cantaloupe, squash, corn flakes, rice grains, and also salty biscuits are high-glycemic index foods, 70 more.

While for foods with low glycemic index levels include fruit, yams, peas, 100 percent wheat bread, corn, oatmeal, whole grains, and basmati rice. Choose the right foods to be consumed daily and follow the tips of a healthy diet so as not to excess carbohydrates.

Pay attention to Label Nutrition
You are included often mengonsumsi packaging foods, try untul wisely in choosing to be consumed if you do not want more serious carbohydrate addiction. Pay attention to the nutrition label on the food packaging you want to buy and try to check data paito the measure.

Salt and sugar levels can be considered first on the packaging of food products to be purchased because this is the best consumption of choice can be done. Salt should not be consumed more than 5 grams (equivalent to 1 teaspoon) every day, while the sugar should not be more than 50 grams (equivalent to 6 tablespoons) every day.

Eating Green Tea
To overcome the addiction of carbohydrates, there is also a detoxification of the body, namely by using natural green tea is guaranteed. By consuming 3 glasses of green tea a day regularly, ie along with breakfast, lunch and dinner, then the carbohydrate addiction can be overcome.

Consuming Much Water
In a day, it is advisable to consume more water, which is about 2-3 liters. Why should there be too much water? This is because drinking lots of water will trigger frequent urination which is a way of getting rid of excessive vitamins also from the body.

Sleeping Enough
Quality and ideal sleep is 7 to 8 hours per night and this is also a way that can overcome carbohydrate addiction naturally, especially if you consume ingredients or detox ingredients. The effects of excess carbohydrates because of previous addictions will be eliminated if you can follow some tips or this step.

Eating Raw Vegetables
Eating raw vegetables is also one way to handle carbohydrate addiction through the process of detoxification. For consumption of these raw vegetables, can also be accompanied by taking protein supplements every morning.

Eat Low Calorie Foods
For carbohydrate addiction, it would be nice to avoid foods that contain high calories and choose low-calorie foods. If we usually like and like to eat chocolate bars, 1 cup milk chocolate will be a more recommended substitute. The point is to consume a similar food just calorie levels lower substitute food.